Deluxe Mental Match


Magician announces it is time to find the World’s smartest kid! A volunteer is selected from the audience. This volunteer is shown a big clear display holding ten color cards. The cards are removed from the display and mixed according to the volunteer’s wishes. The magician takes five cards and, without showing them to the volunteer, puts them in the display. The astonishing aspect of the effect is that the volunteer then, without looking at any of the color dots, tells the magician where to put each of the next six cards. The magician does exactly what the volunteer says with no “forcing” “Magician’s choice” or other trickery. Nevertheless, at the end of the effect ALL THE COLOR DOTS MATCH! The method of this trick is very clever. It is truly a “fooler”. Even though the display rack is clear and there are only ten cards, the prop does the trick for you. Total height 70 inches. Carpet style case included. $1079 plus shipping
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