Fairchild’s Comedy Card in Balloon


It’s finally ready! After months of design, R & D, several proto types and extensive real show testing Fairchild’s Comedy Card in Balloon is on the market. Our new design is tailored for today’s audiences with all the great comedy effects and some improvements that makes the effect even better!
1. Balloon display mounts to our heavy duty stand, with a black enameled baked on finish. For hands free operation, no assistant needed.
2. Four balloons instead of the common 3, for extra comedy!
3. The chosen card is revealed as a jumbo card for greater impact and visibility.
4. Easy and quick set up and loading of the balloons.
5. Operated by high quality wireless remote control.
6. Great graphics and appealing look to prop.
7. Professional quality instructional DVD included.
$975. Includes stand and fiber case

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