Joe Eddie and Betty Fairchild

Fairchild Entertainment was incorporated in 1980 for the express purpose of designing, producing, building, and touring traveling Magic & Illusion Road shows. They completed 28 tours in 23 years, with most of their tours 9 months or more in duration. However, over the years they also produced Ice Shows, Revues, and Variety Shows. This 20 plus years of “hands on” operation has given them a rare insight and a world of experience in all aspects of show production. At this juncture they are no longer producing road shows and are now content to be behind the scenes. They have kept the consulting, designing, and building portions of the business going strong and are now building sets for concerts, custom ATA road cases, special effects, and some of the best magical apparatus for other magicians world wide. As time goes on and more magicians have discovered their abilities, Fairchild Entertainment has become a very busy custom prop builder. The founder, Joe Eddie Fairchild, hails from a show business family, he is the 5th. Generation. His knowledge of show business is quite impressive. In 2022, Joe Eddie and Betty received the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Master’s Award for a lifetime of magical excellence.

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