One of the most interesting and surprising effects ever devised, a real reputation maker. If you are looking for an effect that your audience will talk about and remember you by, this is it. Most definitely a show closer.
The performer starts by showing a brightly colored 14 inch square geometric puzzle, all assembled and framed with a solid wood picture frame, which is displayed on a 24 x 24 inch easel. The performer removes the picture frame and scrambles the puzzle pieces on the easel. As he does so he tells a heartfelt story which is touching and inspirational. As the story unfolds a new and additional puzzle piece is introduced, which coincides with the story. The performer then reassembles the puzzle and finds that there is just enough space in the exact center of the puzzle for the new piece, which by itself is startling and surprising. But the best is yet to come as the solid wood frame is placed around the puzzle and as impossible as it seems, it fits perfectly! Comes complete with carrying case.

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