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Revelation Chest
A guaranteed hit. A strong box is seen hanging in plain sight. Audience members are asked to call out colors, numbers, names, dates, etc. These words can be written on a board, for all to see. Next you lower the strong box and explain that prior to the show you made a prediction and wrote it down and placed it in a 9 X 12 sealed envelope and locked it away in the chest. Upon opening the chest you remove the sealed envelope. Which can be opened and read by anyone in the audience, the revelation is a perfect match to the words contributed by the audience.

No forces, entirely different each show.

Complete with chest and deluxe side table.

Additional routines included

Plus shipping

Fiber Case $195.00 Plus shipping
See the Revelation Chest Stand
"My Revelation Chest arrived today and it felt like it was Christmas Day when I was a kid opening my presents.A beautiful well crafted effect. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. This will be a feature piece in my shows.
Bt the way, the custom case is also top notch. I am proud to now own several pieces made by Fairchild Magic. Everything I have brought from you is worth every dollar I paid. Keep up the awesome work for those of us in the magic field."
Ray Barnwell
I am completely and totally blown away by the prediction chest!
The craftsmanship is BEAUTIFUL! The apparatus looks amazing and the principle is so deceptive! This is one of my favourite pieces to perform and simply to look at! The part I like best is how the principle makes the table 100000% normal, no latches or awkward aesthetics. The table can be used for other things in my show so that when it comes out at the end, nobody suspects anything other than the table I have been using all night. I love the way this works,
I love everything about it. Thank you Fairchild magic!

Thanks guys!
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