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Bamboozle Box
This sensational illusion is packed with great features, it can be performed anywhere, even surrounded, light weight and packs very small, and the use of bamboo poles removes the weapon stigma allowing you to perform this illusion even in school. Best of all itís a great fooler.

Your assistant steps into the box, but has trouble squeezing inside due to its small size. Magician covers assistant with a large foulard which mysteriously allows the assistant to seemingly melt into the box. The cover is placed on top and the foulard is removed. Next the magician thrusts all four bamboo poles through the box, finally the longest pole down through the center of the box, and out the bottom.

The poles are removed and the foulard is placed over the box, the lid is removed from under the foulard and the magician now steps into the box. Causing the audience to wonder where the assistant could be. After stepping out he raises the center of the foulard. Then suddenly it rises up higher and higher he pulls it away and the assistant is seen standing totally unharmed.
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Kid Show
Flea Circus
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