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Wakeling Sawing in Half
An extremely clever and highly entertaining audience participation illusion. Based on the original P.T.Selbetís Sawing a Lady in Half, and modified by Alan Wakling.
Your assistant has a leather collar fastened around her neck and shackles attached to her ankles. She then lies down on a thin table, straps from the collar and shackles are fed through holes in the table and are held taunt by two spectators. Two boxes are placed over the assistant and a wide blade is thrust through the boxes dividing the assistant in half. The blade is removed and two doors on the front side of the boxes are opened showing the assistant unharmed. Doors are closed, and again the blades are pushed through, the table and the boxes are separated proving your assistant has been cut in half, while the two spectators are holding the straps taunt. Again the two boxes are pushed back together, the blades removed and the boxes taken away. Showing your assistant unharmed but still strapped to the table.
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