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Considered by Illusionst around the world to be a time tested classic effect.
The Assistants Revenge has been given a "face lift and make over". Now much
lighter and quick to set up, with a smaller footprint. More importantly....
a faster and more interesting concept for locking the Magician into the apparatus.
One continuous rope is laced in a criss cross fashion across the back of the arch way, then the magician stands in the arch and the rope is laced in the same manor in front of him visibly and most effectively securing him like a cocoon. The Assistant then pulls
a curtain around the apparatus and the audience is surprised to see the magician is now free, and the one pulling the curtain. In his place tied with in the criss crossed ropes is the assistant.... WOW IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!
Assistant's Switcharoo.
Key Features,
1. New lighter weight design, and quicker set up.
  1. Smaller footprint
3. The height difference between the Magician and Assistant no longer a problem.
4. Lacing the rope around the person is quicker, looks more impressive and is cooler.
5. New lower price, just $3500.00 plus shipping.
Kid Show
Flea Circus
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