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Life Is A Puzzle
Wonderful fun, terrific effect, high impact message. Two volunteers are invited on stage and shown five numbered panels. The volunteers select two of the five panels by reaching into a bag that contains the numbers one through five. The panels are put on a giant display.
This all happens with a “Christian Game Show” feel. There is clapping and cheering as the numbers are selected and the volunteers go about their task. The “host” (you the magician) explains that the purpose of this game is to find the answers to the big questions of life. Questions such as How can we know we will be in heaven? And How do we find peace with God?
Next the three panels the volunteers did not select are shown to the audience. There are pictures on them that have nothing to do with the big questions of life.
Finally, after a big build up, the display is turned around. Incredibly the two panels chosen by the volunteers come together to form a giant picture representing Jesus Christ. The message is, Jesus is the answer! In Him you find the answers to the big questions of life.
Picture cards are 12" x 18"
plus $28.00 shipping
Case $80.00
Kid Show
Flea Circus
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