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Clock of Life
We designed this to be a "super easy to do" yet baffling and powerful message illusion. We wanted the message to be so strong you can close your show with it...and that is exactly what you can do. The lesson is clear, challenging, and can (if you choose) lead directly into the invitation time.
   The prop is made with a look that creates a lot of interest. It is terrific as a piece on stage that the audience finds itself waiting to see "what it does". The effect is that a random number is created by a spectator cutting a stack of 12 cards to wherever he or she chooses. The cards are then placed around the clock and the number chosen by the spectator is marked by pointing the hand of the clock directly at the card located at that number.
   The cards are picture cards. The pictures represent various ways people try to get to heaven...through being "nice", "giving money", "going to church", etc. One by one the cards are shown to the audience. None of them represent true ways to find salvation and heaven. The last card to be revealed is the one at the number chosen by the spectator. On it is a picture representing Jesus Christ...the true way.
  The theme of the effect is the "time of life" and the need to make a decision about what happens when the "time of your life" reaches an end. The clock and time theme are ideal for spiritual lessons. The trick is basically automatic, but the audience (and even most magicians) will be fooled by it. (This trick can be repeated. Even if an audience sees it several times they will not guess the secret). The spiritual challenge is one that will be long remembered.
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