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Fairchild's Fantastic Rising Cards
In the past several years we have not produced an effect any more Amazing, Surprising, Eye Popping and yes Fantastic , than this Card Rise.
Three jumbo cards are chosen, and 2 are returned to the deck. The third card is placed into an envelope then returned to the deck. The entire deck is placed into a houlette atop of a clear column pedestal, 18" tall. Then the magic begins as one of the chosen cards rises up from the deck. This is followed by the second chosen card. then the third chosen card rises from the deck from within the envelope.

All is controlled by D.C. remote control,and can be opperated by performer or a third person off stage. Monentary switch gives operator complete control of speed and timing to enchance the effect. Extremely qite operation, very reliable electronics, professional highly detailed DVD including an easy and effective jumbo card force. Use jumbo deck of your choice, not included.

Complete with protective carring case.

Solid Oak version $895.00 plus shipping
Solid Mahogany or hand rubbed Walnut
$995.00 plus shipping
Kid Show
Flea Circus
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